365 Naturists (Men)


365 Naturist is a naturist-only project created by a naturist illustrator for naturist men. It consists of 365 drawings of openly naturist or nudist men* showing their bodies in the nude.

I’m very happy to see that many men have been willing to take part in this project and to show the joy of being naked outdoors or indoors to the world. 


365 Naturists Day 17: Domenico @365naturists

The main goal for this project is to put the community of male naturists/nudists together. Single naturist men don’t have many spaces. And even though I’m not single, I know how it feels. 

I prioritise online life drawing sessions because they’re more rewarding for me and I love connecting with other naturist men. For approximately 2 hours we have a nice chat about male bodies, erotic art, languages, naturism, nudism, their countries and how covid-19 has affected their lives. We have a lot of time to actually get to know each other. And I love that connection!


This project is body positive, sex positive and free.

365 Naturists is body positive because through the drawings we are celebrating any body types, colours, abilities, sexualities, masculinities, genders of men, including cisgender and trans men.

365 Naturists is also sex positive, including erections. Erections are natural and beautiful. However, we won’t post drawing that portray sexual content, like self-pleasure or intercourse, or very suggestive poses. Unfortunately, exhibitionist submissions aren’t accepted either. Therefore, you can submit photos with your penis in any state, but don’t touch it. Erections must look natural or spontaneous.

365 Naturists, Day 15: Joe Davies @joedaviesart

How To Participate

If you want to take part in this project, please submit a request to schedule an online life drawing session via Zoom, or submit a naturist photograph via DM to @365naturists on Instagram.


365 Naturists: Day 4, project by Marlon Lorenty
  • To self-identify as a man, including *GTBQ men
  • To follow the account @365naturists
  • To be openly naturist, because I’ll need your permission to be tagged in the post
  • To be available for a life drawing session (2h approx.) and/or to submit a photograph showing both your face and your penis (ideally) and/or buttocks


The guidelines for the photo-reference submissions are:

  • To show your body, your face and penis or other genitalia. No dick pics, closeups or selfies will be considered. 
  • Ideally, your body should more than 50% of the frame.
  • Only one man at once. For couples, submit separate photos. Expect for those participating in specials like in St Valentines Special taking place 8-14 February.
  • Full nudity, no clothes or underwear. Accessories allowed.
  • Preferred themes: naturism, nudism, outdoors, daily indoors. No bed, no showers, no bathroom.
  • Erections: Make it look natural. No touching or self-pleasure. If that’s how you want to be drawn, request a commission to Marlon Lorenty via email, Instagram or Twitter
  • Remember! I’ll tag you in the drawing, so be aware of how you want people to get to know you. 
  • Choose the picture that shows best who you are as a naturist man. 


Just after the first month, I had so many things to celebrate. Here you have some figures!

  • 45 posts, including live drawings and creative process
  • 550+ followers
  • 60+ submissions
  • 11 online life drawing sessions
  • 21 photos and screenshots shared on Patreon
  • 7 new patrons


365 Naturists, Day 4: Giuseppe. Photo-reference. @profezia_batimetrica

As I said, previously, 365 Naturists is free. But you’re welcome to send me tips to paypal.me/marlonlorenty or subscribe to my Patreon from £3/month. You can cancel anytime.

Become a Patron!

As for this project, I’m posting the drawings on Instagram @365naturists, along with some sneak pics from the process. However, you can find exclusive content on my Patreon page, including:

  • Extra comments related to the model’s naturist lives or masculinities, the work in progress of the drawing and our conversations relevant to the creative process
  • The uncensored photo-references or life drawing session screenshots that the models have allowed to shared with my Patrons
  • Occasionally, the power to choose the final pose for the next drawing
365 Naturists, Day 21: Alex @prinzvoneppendorf

All the extra content related to the creation of each drawing depends very much on the model’s permission, so I really appreciate the fact that the models trust me and my patrons to share their stories and photographs to the public.


Thank you so much, to my Patrons for supporting this project:

  • Jelle V. D.
  • Gareth P.
  • Mumyo Shi
  • Domenico Q.
  • Pete B.
  • Victoria V. A.


The main goal for creating this project is stated above, but recently I was given the idea to print a zine with this project. But maybe it’ll become true by the end of the year.


Thank you to all the models who have trusted me with their naturist and nudist photographs.

Thanks to the 34 naturist men who participated this month. You are great for giving more visibility to male bodies of all types, colours, abilities, sexualities, masculinities and genders. Thank you!

Thanks to the rest of models in the waiting list who have submitted their naturist photographs or booked a sessions or simply shown interest in taking part in the project.

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