"Most of my models are men who sleep with men."

Marlon Lorenty Male Erotica Illustration

"I explore the erotica of male nudity the context of nature, sex and desire."


ink drawing of a naturist man

365 Naturists

365 drawings of naturist/nudist men

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Marlon Lorenty - Naturist Illustrator of Male Erotica. Inktober 2019.

Inktober 2019

31 days, 31 drawings

31 Male Erotica Illustrations created in October 2019

Go To Sleep Boys

Nudity, intimacy and sex

Sleeping naked men overlap in erotica interaction

Xmas is cumming

Naughty Xmas characters
Male Erotica Illustration Marlon Lorenty Daphnis sleeps with Dryas

Daphnis & Chloe

Discovering sex

Illustration of the Ancient Greek novel by Longus of Lesbos


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